My Services


  • Writing letters, creating Word-, Excel- + Power-Point documents, supporting with Phonecalls and correspondence with relevant authorities, departments and lawyers, etc.
  • Helping in writing application letters, support in generating all kinds of documents or reports or  doing verifications

About the car

  • Changing tyres, incl. buying of various car components (oil, windscreen wiper, tyres, etc.)
  • Supporting with my own car for driving licence (company for learners)
  • Smaller Transports regarding relocation, furnitures (small pieces), all kind of shopping (errands)
  • Driving to Hospital or pick-up from Hospital with following assistance at home in the first days

Electric device

  • Installing audio equipment/ stero equipment, privat branche exchange (Telephone, CD-/ DVD-Player), etc.

Leisure time

  • Listening, reading, spending time
  • Child-care, Baby-Sitting

Soft Gardening

  • Mowing the lawn, weeding pest plants, harvesting, repotting, plant-composing, etc.

Indoor areas

  • Relocating and support in dismantling and rearranging furnitures
  • Advice regarding interior decoration incl. implementation (furnitures, curtains, illumination)
  • Housework (incl. spring-cleaning, windows, jalousies, wardrobes, relocations,discharge-pipe)

Coaching & Support

  • Language-Coaching, Homework-Support
  • Translations in german-english and english-german

Other business

  • Support in finding another apartment, house, household clearance (Protocol of defects), etc.
  • Ladies advice regarding fashion (new combinations), help to sort out old “staff”
  • All kind of sewing, cloth reparations and patching
  • Attendance on promenades, shopping, errands, etc.
  • Delivery of  flowers, presents/ gifts, etc.

Price should be fixed regarding individual situations – please call me to find out.